New CM for “Tiger & Bunny: The Rising” available online as of today! One of the two available on japanese television. Recorded in the hour of terrible proxies so please excuse the lag.

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Here’s a music video I did a while back that people still seem to like. Description was “A story about growing up in the universe”.

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Men and Women Ain’t So Different

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus….or are they? Couldn’t we all just be from Earth? Finally science has produced evidence that supports what we already knew — the whole “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” trope is false. According to a new study from the University of Rochester, men and women don’t have such distinct psychological characteristics after all. Watch Laci and Trace as they delve into the classic gender debate.

Learn More:

by DNews Channel.

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Bird Death on Midway Atoll

This video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line. Nobody lives, only birds and yet, you will not believe what you will see here.

Please don’t throw anything into the sea. Unbelievable, just look at the consequences…

sad thing is that many of us will dismiss our participation in this by saying that we don’t throw anything in the ocean. we dispose of our trash in the bin. Many wont see that the trash they throw in the bins indiscriminately will eventually find its way in the oceans because we do not really have the real consciousness of the impact of trash. Change must begin at home…

For more news and stories visit us at:

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Hi T&Bros, this is just a little heads up that I re-did the subtitles for the Side Bunny clip to make them look better. I tried to replace the old video but tumblr didn’t seem to like that, so I’m just going to put this here ^^

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adam and dog

2013 Oscar nominated short animated film

Beautiful background design, sweet animation, and a really touching story. Made me really miss my dog.

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Special Side Tiger scene - translated

Raws by Amazakura

Translations from 4chan /a/non

Subtitled by me

… so in truthful, unhyperbolic summary, Kotetsu is upset that he didn’t get to spend an intimate evening alone with Barnaby. Best part for me is at 0:42 with Kotetsu’s stumbling explanation. “HA HA OH GOD ANTONTIO IT’S NOT AS GAY AS IT LOOKS.”

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Stunning Bird of Paradise Animation by James Baxter, with Clean up Animation by Kendra Baxter.

From the Oscar nominated short, “Adam and Dog”, now available to watch on Youtube.

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How We See Color

One of the most mind-boggling parts of color theory is the observation that two different colors of light, when mixed, can create a new color. For instance, red and green light shining together, like from the pixels of a TV or computer screen, give the perception of yellow. This is a phenomenon called “additive color” mixing, illustrated below:


It turns out that the word “perception” is the key there. Different colors of light each have their own characteristic wavelength and the yellow coming from your monitor is still red and green wavelengths traveling simultaneously toward your eye. The perception of yellow, or any “in-between” color, comes from simultaneously activating more than one kind of cone” color receptor in the back of your eye. See how yellow, which by itself would have a wavelength of around 570 nm, falls between the red and green cone receptor ranges:


That explanation up there is thanks to another great video by the folks at TED Ed. Check out my previous vision posts here, including OK Go and Sesame Street explaining primary colors, a fun test of your ability to tell colors apart, and an exploration of the idea that Vincent Van Gogh may have been colorblind.

Also, XKCD did a really fun color survey to discover what people in different cultures and from different backgrounds called different hues. The results are amazing (below), be sure to read about the whole project here.


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What happens when you scream out of your window in Sweden at night

> Imagine walking there as a tourist not knowing wtf is going on lol.

> I was expecting like 30 Scandinavians running out of buildings coming to help you.

> Hope no one is ever mugged at around 10pm in Sweden.

> That was so much cooler than I expected.

well that was pretty damn interesting. 

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Jeremy Graves heroically tackles the packaging

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Special Side Tiger scene - translated

Raws by Amazakura

Translations from 4chan /a/non

Subtitled by me

thank you so much for your hard work!

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It’s here. 

Do you have this up for direct download? Please and thank you.

direct DL

and a very nice /a/non already translated it

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It’s here. 


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