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And it’s a Schala surprise post! I got a bag of those conversation hearts and was lucky enough to find two perfect ones for a Valentine’s Day special post. Because what says “romance” more than toy comics?

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while everyone’s out trick or treating or getting drunk @ Halloween parties ill be sitting in a corner with my wig on and a party hat /w bunny ears crying out the candles on a cake that says happy birthday barnaby

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  • me: barnaby is attractive
  • women: barnaby is attractive
  • men: barnaby is attractive
  • kids: barnaby is attractive
  • kotetsu: barnaby is attractive
  • maverick: barnaby is attractive
  • tumblr: barnaby is attractive
  • dr. phil: barnaby is attractive
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ily t&b fandom  




Because any series that has:

  • an intelligent, rich, level-headed, person who isn’t straight and isn’t any more of a joke than the rest of the cast
  • a father in his thirties who replies to said person when asked to share a bed that his arm won’t make a good pillow rather than freak out
  • a teenage girl that falls in love with a father well into his thirties and it isn’t reciprocated for sleazy fanservice or a dudebro “yeah the chicks still want me!” moment
  • said teenager is exploited in-series (and sometimes out) for her sexuality, but treated very well as a smart, kind, maturing girl throughout the show (and out of it)
  • an adorable, capable tomboyish teen who isn’t just there for moe
  • a hot young man who in-series AND out of it is shown in ways almost always reserved for women in the media (seriously go take a look at his official artwork and plenty of screenshots — those poses don’t code “male”, and it’s sexy and awesome)
  • a bromance that’s allowed to be a romance depending on what the viewer wants/feels is right

was bound to have an awesome fandom. I don’t think I ever could have dreamed of a shounen as accepting, progressive, and as purely awesome as Tiger&Bunny, especially  a year ago when I had more or less given up on anime all together. 

le basically ^^^^^^

y u so awesome

psssst, T&B is seinen~~

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When I see all these new T&B fans coming in and I’m just like… 



Keikaku dohri.

…… right click save

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those hems are kind of unfortunate though



those hems are kind of unfortunate though